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Deacon's Blog


Posted by Richard Moore on 4/28/22

As I write this blog, it is almost two weeks since we started our Triduum celebration with Holy Thursday. For some reason, the celebration of Triduum and Easter Sunday has left me with a wonderful afterglow of being filled by the Holy Spirit. Most likely it can be attributed ... Read More »


Posted by Richard Moore on 4/12/22

Ever since Fr John’s homily of invitation to Holy Week last Sunday, I have been thinking about the concept of “Unplugged”.  It has become a bit of a trend for famous musicians to do an Unplugged tour where the mountains of amplifiers, light shows, and electric instruments are replaced ... Read More »

A Couple of Good Reads

Posted by Richard Moore on 3/31/22

This year's Just Faith session includes reading the book “Strength to Love” which is a collection of writings by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. All of us involved have found these writings to be a profound source of insight, encouragement, and challenge. Personally, I have never read any of ... Read More »

Sedona Vortexes

Posted by Richard Moore on 3/16/22

Julie and I like to escape winter here in Minnesota for some weeks during January and February. For the past three times, we have traveled to Tucson Arizona and we always make sure to stop in Sedona for a few days. Sedona is a beautiful area and we enjoy ... Read More »

Latin Mass (Missale Romanum of 1962)

Posted by Richard Moore on 2/23/22

Since last summer, I have started and stopped writing a blog a few times on this inflammatory subject matter. Unfortunately, it has become a divisive issue to the Body of Christ, the Church, and is diverting focus and energy from carrying out the mission of Jesus, proclaiming the Kingdom ... Read More »

Refreshing Language

Posted by Richard Moore on 2/09/22

If you are like me, you find Pope Francis to be a constant source of fresh air for our Church. What I love is his ability to go off script and cause many at the Vatican to be challenged and upset. His language is simple and down to earth, ... Read More »

I Wonder What it is Like?

Posted by Richard Moore on 2/02/22

This Christmas our prelit artificial Christmas tree had many strands of lights out so I put some extra strands of lights on the tree to patch the unlit areas. Julie and I discussed what to do with the tree after Christmas. Should we get a new prelit tree or ... Read More »

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Posted by Richard Moore on 1/05/22

On the feast of the Holy Family the Sunday after Christmas, I read and preached about a wonderful children’s book by Carol McCloud “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”. The premise of the book is that everybody carries around an invisible bucket and “Its purpose is to hold your ... Read More »


Posted by Richard Moore on 12/29/21

As I start to write this blog looking back at 2021 here at St Pascal’s it is hard to believe another year is disappearing in the rearview mirror. It has been another strange year, one filled with much hope and continued caution.

Things here at St Pascal’s returned to ... Read More »

Darkness into Light

Posted by Richard Moore on 12/22/21

As I start to write this blog, we are at the winter solstice. Our journey into the darkness here in the northern hemisphere has ended and we will be journeying back into more light every day for the next 6 months. For those of us in the northern hemisphere ... Read More »


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