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July 2020 archive of Deacon's Blog

July 2020 archive of Deacon's Blog


Posted by Richard Moore on 7/30/20

While bicycle riding last week I came across this painted on the bike path along Battle Creek just up from Highway 61. It is a beautiful area that I like to refer to as “Battle Creek Canyon”.

This immediately made Jesus’ teaching on loving our enemies come to ... Read More »


Posted by Richard Moore on 7/23/20

Last week as you may have seen in the last Pascal’s Pulse, Julie and I headed down to southeast Minnesota to do some camping. For 29 years we have been going down to the Lanesboro area every summer to disconnect and relax in what I consider to be one ... Read More »

Healing Racism, Engagement

Posted by Richard Moore on 7/10/20

As important as listening, sharing stories, and education are to healing racism the most important element is engagement. We need to reach out and engage with people of color to develop relationships that will allow us to know them as children of God and have them lead us down ... Read More »

Ending Racism, Educating Ourselves

Posted by Richard Moore on 7/02/20

I truly believe that education is the solution to many things. With Racism, educating ourselves about the issues and systems that cause this unchristian thinking and behavior will help us deal with our own racist tendencies. I believe that racism to some extent or another is based on an ... Read More »


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