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2024 archive of Deacon's Blog

2024 archive of Deacon's Blog

Retirement Plans

Posted by Richard Moore on 7/24/24

I wanted to let you know that I have sent a letter to Archbishop Hebda requesting my retirement from the Diaconate effective December 31, 2024. There is never a perfect time for such things, but I feel that this is a good time. With Fr John continuing at St ... Read More »

Iftar 2024

Posted by Richard Moore on 2/21/24

Many of us who attended Iftar last year received an email from the Minnesota Council of Churches about the Taking Heart Ramadan Dinner dates this spring. As I have blogged about the last two years, many Islamic mosques and centers invite the public to join them during Ramadan in ... Read More »

Fasting From Behaviors

Posted by Richard Moore on 2/14/24

In my Ash Wednesday homily, I talked about fasting from behaviors and facilitating changes by positive actions. I wish I could take credit for this concept but it is something I heard Pope Francis talk about a few years back and it has really resonated and stayed with me. ... Read More »


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