Celebrating the Gift of God’s Love

Pastoral Care

For more information please email Bonnie Steele or call her at 651.432.4959.

Eucharistic Ministry to the Homebound

Eucharistic Ministers are available to visit homes of parishioners who are unable to attend a weekend Liturgy. Request a visit by contacting  Bonnie Steele.

Hospital Ministry/Visitation

Hospitals are essential, hopeful, and helpful. They may also be a scary, painful, lonely, or sad environment. Whenever you or someone you love is in the hospital, your church community can offer meaningful support. St. Pascal Baylon has trained ministers who bring the hope and prayer of the community and a confidential listening ear to our parishioners. Eucharistic Ministers may visit and bring communion; our priest visits and offers the sacraments of healing and reconciliation.  When you or a member of your family is admitted to a hospital, please, let the hospital staff know that you are a member of St. Pascal Baylon in East St. Paul. All area hospitals have chaplains who are available.  If you would like to be visited, please let the hospital staff know and someone from chaplaincy will bring you Eucharist.  They will also call the parish office if, during the admitting process, you identify as Catholic and mention St. Pascal Baylon. Then someone from our parish will also visit you.  In an emergency, please ask the hospital staff to call the hospital chaplain or a Catholic priest. 

A Time to Grieve Booklets

Would you like to reach out to our families who have lost a loved one?  We have a series of booklets called A Time to Grieve by Stephen Ministry.   They are a set of four short books to send to a grieving person at four crucial times during the first year after a loved one dies. Each book focuses on what the person is likely experiencing at that point in grief—offering understanding, empathy, compassion, and hope. The booklets are sent with a brief note of encouragement, written by you, to the bereaved.  If you have an interest in being a caring presence to our bereaved family members contact Bonnie Steele.