Celebrating the Gift of God’s Love

Volunteering at St. Pascal's

It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love 
that is put into them that matters.
Mother Teresa

Each week at St. Pascal's lots of people just like you give their time to serve the parish community.  We know you are busy and there are a million things competing for your time and attention.  But we also know you will make great friends and grow in your relationship to the community and to God through your service. 

You'll find there are lots of ways that you can contribute to the vibrant community at St. Pascal's through one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities.  Every volunteer makes a difference at St. Pascal's!

A few of our immediate needs are listed below or see a full list here.  Please let us know if you are called to volunteer in a way or area that is not currently part of our ministry and service list.  We would love to hear your ideas for building a strong Christian community through volunteering!

All volunteers working with children, youth and vulnerable adults need to complete Safe Environment training, a background check and sign a code of conduct.  For more information see the Safe Environment page.


Six Reasons to Consider Becoming an Usher or Greeter:

  1. You are already here!  Minister one weekend per month, at the Mass of your choice.
  2. It sets a great example for your kids!   Minister together as a family – everyone loves it when a kid holds the door or hands them a worship aid.
  3. It’s already on your calendar!   Minister just one weekend per month, at the Mass of your choice.
  4. You can do it as a family!  Visitors love it to see kids in action!
  5. You are helping to build community!  Minister one weekend per month, at the Mass of your choice.
  6. Gives your kids something to do!  It’s a great family ministry!

Email Keri Mader or call 651.432.4957 with questions or if you are interested.


Smiles Needed!

If you know how to smile and say hello, then you are qualified to minister as an usher or greeter! 

We need ushers at the 4:30 PM and 10:30 AM Masses and greeters at the 8:45 AM Mass. 

Singles, couples and families are all invited!  Greeters arrive at church 20 minutes before Mass, welcome people and hand out worship aids.  Ushers act as greeters and take up the collection and attend to the needs of the assembly during the liturgy. You can volunteer at your preferred Mass time and choose the dates you’d like to be scheduled. 

Training will take place before and during all Masses the weekend of September 7/8.  Please arrive 20 minutes before Mass and see Carla Hibbison or Keri Mader at the main church doors for hands-on training. 

For more information, please email Keri Mader  or call 651.432.4957.


Youth and Adult Altar Servers Needed!

Training for new altar servers will take place following all Masses September 14/15.  Servers are scheduled approximately once a month at the Mass time of your choice and the schedule is flexible.  The training will take approximately half an hour.  For questions, contact Keri Mader at 651.432.4957 or [email protected]  Please consider joining this important ministry.  All youth and adults 4th grade and older who have celebrated First Eucharist are welcome!


Come Sing!

In just a few weeks The St. Pascal's choir will be gathering again for the choir season.  We are inviting anyone in the parish who has ever thought to sing with this group or would like to have a conversation about joining this group, to give Sharon a call at 651.774.1585.  Our first rehearsal of the year is Wednesday, September 4 at 6:30 PM. We welcome one and all with open arms!