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2023 archive of Deacon's Blog

2023 archive of Deacon's Blog

Let's Iftar

Posted by Richard Moore on 3/08/23

Last year, I wrote about my experience attending an Iftar at the Afton Islamic Center (full text below). For the past year, God has put it into my heart to return and participate once again in this night of ecumenism enjoying the hospitality of our Islamic neighbors. God has ... Read More »

Lent is About Being Kingdom of Heaven Yeast

Posted by Richard Moore on 2/23/23

For years I have approached Lent as a hopeful opportunity to go out in the desert with Jesus and spend time in contemplative prayer, and then my actual Lenten experience is one of being busy with activities in the parish and outside the parish. For many years I felt ... Read More »

The Chosen

Posted by Richard Moore on 2/01/23

A little over a year ago, a St Pascal’s parishioner asked me about the series “The Chosen”. They had been watching it and their faith and curiosity about the life of Jesus were coming alive, but they were concerned if it was appropriate for them as a Catholic to ... Read More »


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