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Deacon's Blog

Women Lectors are Official!

Posted by Richard Moore on 1/12/21

Pope Francis in a new Apostolic letter “Spiritus Domini” published January 11, 2021, issued motu proprio (on his own initiative) changes to the Code of Canon Law to explicitly allow women to be installed in the Catholic Church as lectors and acolytes. If you are like me, you may ... Read More »

2020 in The Rearview Mirror

Posted by Richard Moore on 1/03/21

2020 in The Rearview Mirror

Not to beat a dead horse, but 2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. Looking back, the year has been full of challenges and adaptation on a parish, spiritual, and personal level for me and others.

Here at the parish, March ... Read More »

On How to be a Manger

Posted by Richard Moore on 12/21/20

Many years ago, I was at a spiritual direction session during Advent and my spiritual director gave me a card by Barbara Germiat about being a manger in our spiritual lives. In very few words it speaks great truth.

As we celebrate Christmas in a few days this ... Read More »

Finding Joy

Posted by Richard Moore on 12/16/20

Today’s, Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent, daily Psalm was from the 34 Psalm. I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall be ever in my mouth. Let my soul glory in the LORD; the lowly will hear me and be glad. Look to him ... Read More »

Advent my Second Favorite Liturgical Season

Posted by Richard Moore on 12/02/20

A few years ago while talking to the 8th-grade class at St Pascal Baylon Regional Catholic School about Holy Orders and the Diaconate I was asked by one of the students “what was my favorite liturgical season”. As you can guess this question blew me away with its depth. ... Read More »


Posted by Richard Moore on 11/17/20

Last week on Monday (November 8) when I entered the church early in the morning to video a prayer service I was met with the candles from our remembrance Sunday celebration. This celebration we do at St Pascal’s every November is a very special time. We have a lit ... Read More »

Day After

Posted by Richard Moore on 11/05/20

As I write this it is the day after election day here in the United States. While I am happy to see that so many people voted in this election I still woke up with a heavy heart. My heaviness of heart does not come from whether the candidates ... Read More »


Posted by Richard Moore on 10/29/20

I am willing to bet you were like me last week when you heard the news reports about what Pope Francis had said in an interview concerning civil unions for gay couples. Even now I have to pinch myself to see if I might be dreaming that this happened. ... Read More »

A Saint Anthony Moment

Posted by Richard Moore on 10/21/20

Shortly after uploading my blog post “Faith Sayings” a few weeks ago, I had a Saint Anthony Moment. 

We had taken advantage of the nice weather a couple of weeks ago and gone camping in our favorite camping location Lanesboro. Julie and I had just returned from a bike ... Read More »

Faithful Citizenship

Posted by Richard Moore on 10/21/20

I wanted to document my reflection from last week’s “Prayer Service For These Times: our civic responsibilities in the upcoming elections” and add references. As an experiment, I copied a transcript of the voice to text conversion YouTube did in creating subtitles for the prayer service video. The conversion ... Read More »


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