Celebrating the Gift of God’s Love

Women's Club

Women's Club

OUR MISSION is to empower, educate and support women into lives of service, spirituality and leadership to their families, parishes, communities and the poor of the world.



Some of the many benefits of membership are: You will be giving back to your parish by using your gifts and your unique talents. You will make a positive difference in the lives of many. You will make new friendships with really awesome women who share a deep faith in God.  You will become more connected to the St. Pascal Parish.  We need the creative, fresh ideas that new members bring!


Open Position: President of theSt. Pascal’s Women’s Club

The Women’s Club of St. Pascal’s is looking for someone to serve as president for the 2018-2019 year.

The President’s Main Duties Are:

  • Attend monthly board meetings (second Tuesday of each month from September-May)
  • Lead the meetings to ensure we stay on topic
  • Type monthly agenda for the meetings
  • Send out occasional email to members of the Women’s Club
  • Volunteer as you can to help with bake sales, etc.
  • Share your ideas and suggestions
  • Have fun with other awesome women!

You will be very supported by the rest of the members of our board who are extremely kind, caring and helpful. I will work to train you in and ensure a smooth transition.

If you have questions about being President or if you would like to be the next President of our awesome Women’s Club starting in September, 2018, please email me, Theresa Gunderson, or call 264.0404.


Our Officers and Board Members

2017 Disbursements


St. Pascal’s Women’s Club 2017-2018 Calendar

2018 Meetings and Events

Tue Sep 11 from 6 – 8pm

Board Meeting (Founders Room)


Thu Sep 20 from 7am – 2pm 

CCW Deanery Meeting with Mass & Luncheon (Church & Brioschi Hall)


Sun Sep 23 from noon-5pm

Fall Festival (Mercantile Store & Boutique)


Mon Oct 15 from 6 – 9pm

Game Night (Brioschi Hall)


Sat Nov 3 & Sun Nov 4 After all Masses

Apple Pie Sale (Brioschi Hall)


Tue Nov 13 from 6 – 8pm

Board Meeting (Founders Room)


Sat Dec 1 from 11am – 2pm

Christmas Party (Green Mill Restaurant & Bar)


Tue Dec 11 from 6 – 8pm

Board Meeting (Founders Room)


Sat Dec 15 & Sun Dec 16 After all Masses

Christmas Bake Sale (Brioschi Hall)


2019 Meetings and Events

Tue Jan 8 from 6 – 8pm

Board Meeting (Founders Room)


Tue Jan 15 from 6 – 8:30pm

Wine Tasting & Membership Meeting (Brioschi Hall)


Tue Feb 12 from 6 – 8pm

Board Meeting (Founders Room)


Wed Feb 27 from 6 – 8:30pm

Winter Fun Party (Off-site)


All Fridays of Lent (Fri Mar 8 - Fri Apr 12) from 4:30 – 7pm

Bake Sale (Commons)


Tue Mar 12 from 6 – 8pm

Board Meeting (Founders Room)


Sat Apr 6 from 10:30am – 1pm

Celebrate Spring Event (Brioschi Hall)


Tue Apr 9 from 6 – 8pm

Board Meeting (Founders Room)


Sat Apr 13 & Sun Apr 14 After All Masses

Palm Sunday Bake Sale (Brioschi Hall)


Tue May 14 from 6 – 8pm

Board Meeting (Founders Room)