Welcome to St. Pascal Baylon Parish and School Community

St. Pascals Baylon Catholic School | St. Paul, MN
Church Mission Statement

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Church of Saint Pascal Baylon is a Catholic Community serving the people in the east Saint Paul metro area. We are people of varying ages with diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Our primary purpose is to gather for Eucharist and to go forth making Jesus Christ present to all people. We do this through:
Celebration of the Sacraments
Life-long Faith Formation
Excellence in Education
Local, National & International Social Outreach

School Mission Statement

The mission of St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School is to strive for effective teaching, responsive learning, and academic excellence through an understanding and application of Catholic principles. The school provides each student with a knowledge base and a Christian value system to go forth making Jesus present to all people.


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