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Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

Faith is like WiFi—it's invisible but it connects you to what you need.

Inspirational Programming

The Adult Faith Formation team has scheduled several events in the coming months. Please mark your calendars now to attend one or more of these events, all of which will be held here at St. Pascal's.  NOTE: Check out the videos from some of our past programs below or on the parish YouTube channel.


Winter/Sprint 2018 Programming  

How To Read The Bible As a Catholic

Rescheduled:  Thursday, May 10 at 10:00 AM and again at 7:00 PM   Brioschi Hall with Deacon Rich Moore

Catholics of the world were encouraged by the bishops at Vatican II to read the Bible. "The sacred synod also earnestly and especially urges all the Christian faithful...to learn by frequent reading of the divine Scriptures the ‘excellent knowledge of Jesus Christ’ (Phil. 3:8). For ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ." So how do we go about reading the Bible? What Bible should I get? Is the Bible myth or history? What books are in the Bible? Old Testament, New Testament? Why are there more books in a Catholic Bible? We will explore these questions and more along with methods the Catholic Church uses to understand and interpret the Holy Word of God.

See the flyer...



December 12 10:00 AM - 12 Noon or 7:00 - 9:00 PM in Brioschi Hall

Advent Reflection with Fr. Mike Byron, Where is Jesus in the Old Testament?     Watch the Video

Christians claim that the Word of God, Jesus Christ, existed before time began (John 1). And yet we also claim that he was born of Mary in a specific moment in history, in Israel about 2,000 years ago (Luke 1). It raises an interesting question as to who, how, and where this  Jesus-Christ-Word was in the meantime. As part of our Advent reflection, we will explore some of the ways that the Church has tried to come to grips with this deep Mystery, and how we have come to recognize him in some of the literature of the Hebrew Bible

Thursdays, September 28 and October 5 7-9pm Brioschi Hall

The Stories Jesus Left Behind: Parables in the Gospel of Luke

Art Zannoni

In the Gospels, Jesus is portrayed as the story teller of God. The stories he tells are known as parables. These are stories with meaning thrown alongside and deal with believers’ relationships to God and to one another. The largest number of parables are found in the Gospel of Luke. This program will look in detail at the Gospel of Luke’s parables on treating the poor and prayer as well as Luke’s two most famous parables, “The Prodigal Son” and “The Good Samaritan.” Participants are asked to please bring a Bible to each session. The parish will have some for use at each session as well. Books by Art will be available for purchase both evenings, ranging from $12-$15.

Art Zannoni is an award winning free-lance writer, scripture scholar, teacher, theologian, workshop leader and consultant in the area of biblical studies and Christian-Jewish relations. He taught on the faculty of the School of Divinity of the University of St. Thomas from 1984-1991 and in its Murray Institute from 1991-1994.

6 Week Fall Bile Study, October 3-November 9  (All sessions meet in the Parish Conference Room)

Jonah and Ruth: Love Crosses Boundaries (Fee: $15 per person)

Two of the the most beloved Old Testament stories are the stories of Jonah and Ruth. In Jonah/Roth: Love Crosses Boundaries, you'll discover how God breaks down barriers between people as you see these Old Testament Stories through new eyes. 

Thursday, November 9, 6:30-9pm in Brioschi Hall

St Pascal's Women’s Retreat “Food for the Soul: Wine” with Jackie Witter

In this retreat we will sample a variety of wines as we explore the spirituality of wine and consider its relationship to our experience of the Sacred.  Appetizers and non-alchoholic beverages also provided.

FREE but reservations are required by Monday, November 6.  Sign up online or call the parish office.  For more information, check out the flyer

September 19 7-9pm Brioschi Hall

Immigration: A Catholic Response      Watch Video      Handout

Dr. Bernie Evans

Today millions of people are on the move as immigrants and refugees throughout the world. In search of a safer, better life many hope to enter the United States. Too often that hope runs into a growing anti-immigrant sentiment. What responsibilities does our nations have toward immigrants and refugees? What should a Catholic response to immigration look like?

Dr. Bernie Evans recently retired from the faculty of St. John’s University where he served as Associate Dean for Faculty in the School of Theology. Evans also occupied the Virgil Michel Ecumenical Char in Rural Social Ministries teaching courses on Christian social ethics, environmental theology, and ministry in rural communities.