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Why a Blog?

Why am I writing a blog? The short answer is the Holy Spirit. Of course, many people explain away things with a simple “it was the Holy Spirit that caused me to do that”. So you don’t think this was a case of me waking up one morning and deciding to write a blog because the Holy Spirit inspired me that morning I will dive a bit deeper.

For the last 4 years, about as many years as I have been retired, I have felt a call to start writing a blog about spiritual and faith-related topics. To be quite frank this scared me and I have been really dragging my feet to start. As each new year started I would say “this is the year” and then do nothing hoping the inner voice of the Holy Spirit would disappear, but it never did. All my life I have been a marginal writer and find writing to be a laborious process. Having never learned phonics and sentence structure in my elementary school days makes writing a daunting task. This lack of formal writing skills and a bit of dyslexia makes it hard to write. During my career at 3M I wrote technical papers for different conferences and one time I had a person assigned to help me and they commented on how my sentence structure tended to be backward. Luckily we now have grammar tools to help with writing.

One thing I have learned from my faith journey is that when a prompting by the Holy Spirit scares you there tends to be true calling to do something. So after 4 years of ignoring this call, I am going to relent and write this blog. My hope is to write at least once a week on subjects as they come to mind. I would imagine the subjects will be related to the scriptures, reflections, books, movies, and world events I encounter. 

Peace and Blessings,

Deacon Richard

P.S.  I do have a personal blog and photo album website


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