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Ever since Fr John’s homily of invitation to Holy Week last Sunday, I have been thinking about the concept of “Unplugged”.  It has become a bit of a trend for famous musicians to do an Unplugged tour where the mountains of amplifiers, light shows, and electric instruments are replaced with acoustic instruments, and the musician or musicians simply being on stage and playing (Top 15 Unplugged concerts). For some reason, Fr John’s words made me think of Holy Week as a time for us to be “Unplugged”.

With the Triduum starting tomorrow with Holy Thursday going into Good Friday and having its pinnacle with the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening, we have an opportunity to really unplug from our ordinary routine and from the noise and demands of the world and spend time in community prayerfully journeying with Jesus and the Disciples through a world-changing three days.

Ever since my first time experiencing the Triduum during my RCIA journey of full initiation into the Catholic Church I have never missed a Triduum. Those that have experienced the Triduum know it is something very special that gets into your being and you cannot think of not being part of this beautiful set of liturgies. Time seems to fly by and the concerns and cares of the world melt into the background as we are placed into the total selfing love and hope of God in Jesus.

If you have not ever participated in the Triduum I encourage you to “unplug” for three evenings and join us in this extraordinary time of community prayer and reflection.

Holy Thursday 7 pm

Good Friday 7 pm

Easter Vigil 8 pm

And of course, you can still attend Easter Sunday at 8:45 or 10:30 am.

Wishing you a prayerful and joyous Easter! The tomb is empty, he has risen. Alleluia!!!

Peace, Love, and Blessings

Deacon Richard


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