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Sad and Angry

As I write this the events of the last few weeks have combined to bring sadness and anger to my heart.

I am sad and angry that people of color are dying in disproportionate numbers in encounters with law enforcement.

I am sad and angry that people are using “protest” as an excuse to participate in unlawful and destructive activity.

I am sad and angry that every time this happens people talk about making systemic changes yet things continue on as is.

I am sad and angry at the division and hatred that is fueling this all.

I am sad and angry that there are leaders on all sides helping to fuel division rather than work towards reconciliation.

I am sad and angry that we do not celebrate our diversity as a beautiful kaleidoscope of God’s image.

Mostly I am sad and angry that after 2000 years it feels like we are no closer to the Kingdom of God that the prince of peace Jesus brought to us.

What are we as disciples of Jesus to do?

Pray for the conversion of hearts, especially our own.

Be honest about any attitudes and behaviors we may have that help fuel division.

Be people of hope, comfort, peace, and love to those around us. Especially people of color.

Work towards lasting systemic change. Our call as faithful citizens is to work to make our government reflect the gospel values of peace, love, and acceptance.

Tbe involved in our governmental systems to promote change in our laws and vote for leaders to promote and protect the rights of all.

As I bring my sadness and anger in prayer to Jesus I hear a response; have hope, be hope, persevere, and most importantly LOVE.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”  1 Corinthians 13:13

Peace, blessings, and prayers

Deacon Richard


  • Vic WittgensteinPosted on 5/29/20

    Well said. Disappointing.



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