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Revolutionary, a Postscript

The biking/walking path graffiti I encountered last month in lower Battle Creek Park which I mentioned in my blog Revolutionary has given me a lot of material for reflection and contemplation. St Pascal’s parishioner Leo Hermes provided a fuller story of the graffiti in a comment to my post:

Yes - I run through that area several times each week. What you may not know is that the white painted part was not there at first. There was a very nasty and hateful message all in black letters about killing your enemies (and more) Then, a few days later, the message had been altered to appear as it is now. Thanks to the person that turned it into a message of love. Leo Hermes.

When I took the photo that is in my Revolutionary blog post I noticed that the heart and word Love appeared to be painted over some original writing. I wondered if it might have been just someone trying to put an emphasis on the original message or that maybe as Leo mentioned, the original message was not Gospel-focused. Unfortunately, based on the events of our world today I had a feeling it might have been the later.

What gives me hope is that of last week this modified of Love message has not been altered or destroyed. As I have reflected on this, it made me realize Jesus’ message of Love of others is the most powerful weapon in the universe and it is a message that resonates with all but the most hardened heart. For those that wrote the original message, I pray that they have been back and seen the modified message and I pray that seeing a message of Love caused a transformation of their heart.

In the end God, Love, wins. God’s Love freely given and spread in our world will continue to bring about the Kingdom of God that Jesus ushered in.

Peace, Love, and Blessings

Deacon Richard


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