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2020 archive of Deacon's Blog

2020 archive of Deacon's Blog


Posted by Richard Moore on 3/19/20

My apologies for not posting a blog post last week. For Julie and myself last week was a perfect storm of too much happening. We had Julie’s sister and her husband in town to seek a medical diagnosis for a continuing health problem that doctors in their hometown of ... Read More »

Our Father

Posted by Richard Moore on 3/03/20

In today’s reading, Jesus teaches us to pray by praying the Our Father. For us Catholics, this is a very familiar prayer that rolls off our tongue easily. Sometimes it can be very automatic and robot-like. During my prayer and reflection this morning on the daily scriptures, I ran ... Read More »

Spiritual Reading Picks for Lent

Posted by Richard Moore on 2/22/20

I find the dark and cold days of winter to be a good time to catch up on my reading and deepen my faith by reading selected spiritual books. This can be a wonderful way to dive deeper into learning about scripture, Jesus and faith. With Lent starting next ... Read More »

Standing in Line is Rosary Time

Posted by Richard Moore on 2/13/20

As I entered the Oakdale post office this week to pick up our held mail I encountered a much longer line than I expected for a weekday afternoon. With only two clerks working it looked like it would be a while. After my initial frustration, I remembered to continue ... Read More »

Jesus in Blue Jeans

Posted by Richard Moore on 1/22/20

For the last month, I have been working my way through a wonderful reflection book, Jesus in Blue Jeans: A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality by Laurie Beth Jones. This book had caught my eye many years ago at a discount bookseller and then spent the next 20 years ... Read More »

Why a Blog?

Posted by Richard Moore on 1/13/20

Why am I writing a blog? The short answer is the Holy Spirit. Of course, many people explain away things with a simple “it was the Holy Spirit that caused me to do that”. So you don’t think this was a case of me waking up one morning and ... Read More »

Christmas, a Free Pass

Posted by Richard Moore on 1/06/20

As I start to write this inaugural Deacon’s Blog post it is the Sunday of Epiphany and I am starting to think about how I will tackle taking down our Christmas decorations. This led me to reflect on how we Christians get a “free pass” to express our faith, ... Read More »


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