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2020 archive of Deacon's Blog

2020 archive of Deacon's Blog

Into The Wilderness, a Tradition

Posted by Richard Moore on 9/10/20

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” John Muir

In 1970 our neighbor Bill Spaulding, took my Dad, brother Darrell and myself on a backpacking trip to Yosemite National Park. That ... Read More »

What Did Jesus Look Like

Posted by Richard Moore on 9/02/20

This is a question that artists have been trying to capture for centuries. I returned to this age-old question in July when the Center for Action and Contemplation did a week of reflections on Mary Magdalene during the week of The Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the ... Read More »

A Sacred Ground Memory

Posted by Richard Moore on 8/20/20

While bicycling around Woodbury yesterday, I rode past a townhouse that brought back some special memories of walking on sacred ground. For a few years former St Pascal’s parishioner, Julie Lehr, would ask me to visit Fran Mikesh and bring him Eucharist when she would be out of town. ... Read More »

Revolutionary, a Postscript

Posted by Richard Moore on 8/19/20

The biking/walking path graffiti I encountered last month in lower Battle Creek Park which I mentioned in my blog Revolutionary has given me a lot of material for reflection and contemplation. St Pascal’s parishioner Leo Hermes provided a fuller story of the graffiti in a comment to my post: ... Read More »

Women: Icons of Christ

Posted by Richard Moore on 8/04/20

This is the title of a very eye-opening book I finished reading a few weeks ago. It is written by Dr. Phyllis Zagano who is an internationally known Catholic scholar and was appointed by Pope Francis to be on the 2016 Papal Commission for the study of the diaconate ... Read More »


Posted by Richard Moore on 7/30/20

While bicycle riding last week I came across this painted on the bike path along Battle Creek just up from Highway 61. It is a beautiful area that I like to refer to as “Battle Creek Canyon”.

This immediately made Jesus’ teaching on loving our enemies come to ... Read More »


Posted by Richard Moore on 7/23/20

Last week as you may have seen in the last Pascal’s Pulse, Julie and I headed down to southeast Minnesota to do some camping. For 29 years we have been going down to the Lanesboro area every summer to disconnect and relax in what I consider to be one ... Read More »

Healing Racism, Engagement

Posted by Richard Moore on 7/10/20

As important as listening, sharing stories, and education are to healing racism the most important element is engagement. We need to reach out and engage with people of color to develop relationships that will allow us to know them as children of God and have them lead us down ... Read More »

Ending Racism, Educating Ourselves

Posted by Richard Moore on 7/02/20

I truly believe that education is the solution to many things. With Racism, educating ourselves about the issues and systems that cause this unchristian thinking and behavior will help us deal with our own racist tendencies. I believe that racism to some extent or another is based on an ... Read More »

Healing Racism, Stories

Posted by Richard Moore on 6/19/20

I believe in the power of stories, especially real-world experiences. The power of the Gospels is that they teach in stories that touch our hearts. In this blog post, I wanted to share some stories of my experiences in hearing about racism here in Minnesota.

One of the reasons ... Read More »


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