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A Saint Anthony Moment

Shortly after uploading my blog post “Faith Sayings” a few weeks ago, I had a Saint Anthony Moment. 

We had taken advantage of the nice weather a couple of weeks ago and gone camping in our favorite camping location Lanesboro. Julie and I had just returned from a bike ride and I was downloading pictures from my camera along with video from my GoPro. To copy videos from my GoPro to the laptop I have to take the microSD card out of the adaptor from my camera so I can put the microSD card with the video files on them into the laptop. The microSD cards are very small so I put the one from my camera on the laptop keyboard for safekeeping. I moved the laptop around a bit and shortly after noticed the camera microSD was missing!

After searching the grass around where I was sitting for a long time and proclaiming “Come on Saint Tony” many times Julie and I could not find it. We searched twice that afternoon and then once when it was dark with a flashlight in hopes the flashlight would make it easier to see the microSD card. It was disheartening to search for so long and not find the card. I resigned myself to the fact that I had lost the card and our prayers to Saint Anthony would go unanswered.

When we finished with our campfire and were getting ready for bed I moved the table in our trailer to get access for sleeping when I was amazed to see the microSD card we had been searching for laying on the floor below where the table had been! With all our efforts to try and find this little memory card, it felt like a miracle to see it just laying there on the camper floor. Thank you, Saint Anthony! 

Peace, Love, and Blessings

Deacon Richard


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